By now you surely have heard about these new mineral pool systems and their supposed health and lifestyle benefits. Pool owners have been praising Mineral Pool in recent years, and with this explosion in popularity, many pool owners looking to build new pools are making the switch from salt or chlorine pools to mineral pools. Is this all just hype? or is there any truth to the supposed health benefits?

In short, YES! Mineral Pools have been proven time and time again to have an amazing effect on your health and wellbeing, ranging from the feeling of the water as you’re swimming through it to be almost silk-like to the minerals having an incredible effect on your skin. If you’re interested in having a mineral pool built, don’t hesitate to contact us. ┬áIf you’re not convinced, below are some more in depth explanations of Mineral Pools benefits:




1 – Effects on Skin and Hair

We all know too well that chlorine pools leave your skin and hair feeling dry and crusty. This is because chlorine is a kind of bleach and an irritant, it takes away natural oils your skin creates which leads to dryness, irritation and itchiness. Chlorine also strips your hair of its natural oils which can lead to damaged hair follicles and split ends , but it can also cause certain chemical reactions that actually change your hair colour! (this especially applies to people with colour treated hair) Which is not ideal..
As you guessed, Mineral pools do not have these issues. In fact quite the opposite! The Magnesium found in Mineral Pools systems promotes hair follicle health and strength. Mineral Pools have also been shown to increase skin elasticity (which anecdotally is reported to slow down skin wrinkling) and moisturizes and rehydrates dry skin.

2 – Effects on Wellbeing

One of the highest praises of Mineral Pools is its effectiveness at relaxation and wellbeing. The Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Chloride found in MagnaPool® mineral blends get absorbed by your skin as you swim, which promotes a reduce in stress, anxiety and muscle aches and pains.
By switching to a Mineral Pool system, you dramatically reduce how much chlorine is needed to keep your pool clean. Mineral Pool owners also love how the water feels as soon as you get in. No more irritation, no more stinging eyes, no more of that strong chlorine smell!

If you’re interested in upgrading your lifestyle with a Mineral Pool, Please contact us on 0455 088 811.