Find a suitable swimming pool for your family and your needs 



This year, due to covid, families spent more time at home than ever, therefore there are higher demands on building a swimming pool.

After opening up the border between New South Wales and Queensland from this Christmas, families with young children may fear catching germs and viruses from public swimming pools. It is difficult to stay healthy after using public swimming pools, sometimes children can get diarrhea or a runny nose for days. With that being said there are more parents that are looking into building their own safe and simple pool at an affordable price. This will also add value to your house.

Now, more than ever homeowners are building their ultimate swimming pool across Brisbane.

So there are some trends that we can clearly see what families really want from their swimming pool.





Brisbane is all about lifestyle. That means the entertainment area is the key focus of a house. So we are focusing on indoor and outdoor flow. When you extend your entertaining area, make sure where your bbq or pizza oven is going to be located.


It is a huge trend to create an outdoor living area with a swimming pool or even a bar next to the swimming pool. This helps everyone enjoy their footy while the family get together at the outdoor entertainment area. A designing swimming pool can be exciting in 2022.



Swimming pools are not exclusive to summer anymore. During the colder months of wintertime, it is nice to look at your swimming pool while relaxing at the fireplace, bar, barbeque or even pergolas. No need to explain more. That’s why the look and feel of your swimming pool are so important. It is a statement more than anything during the colder months.




These days not many people desire the traditional round-shaped pool. Many house owners are going for square-shaped small pools. There are some good reasons why you should stick to this. It is quicker to build a smaller square-shaped pool which means it is more cost-effective too. Less money but you can still add huge value to your property. Easy maintenance. Less pool maintenance and more time with family. It looks like this trend is going to be there for many years.



Many swimming pool owners are staying away from chlorine. A chlorine-free pool is chemical-free and it is more natural. Great for young children and the family. The water in a saltwater swimming pool is also softer and will leave your skin feeling less dried out


Since many hotels and resorts are renovating their pools to infinity pools, many people would like to have their own infinity pools in their gardens. What makes infinity pools amazing is the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary.




From an ordinary back garden to a fancy and special sanctuary is not far away.  Share and create unforgettable memories with your family in your swimming pool in Brisbane. If you have any questions, call us on 0455 088 811 Angela/ Mario or visit our website for more information.