5 Easy steps to keep your pool clean

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is getting hot and humid. Before the hot summer season and Christmas holidays come, many pool owners are looking for some easy and simple swimming pool tips.


From time to time, it is very natural that the pool gets dirty and filthy. Do not panic. We can make it work.

  1. Get your water tested regularly.
  2. Collect leaves and dirt
  3. Maintain filter often
  4. Invest some money in the suction pool cleaner
  5. Check water chemical balance




When you check water chemical balance for the swimming pool, The chemical balance of your pool is made up of:

  • pH (acidity/alkalinity level): 68%
  • total alkalinity (TA): 16%
  • calcium hardness: 16%

It is recommended to monitor your chlorine and pH levels once a week. In the summer season or rainy season, every day is also great.

Having a test kit handy is also a good tip for the beginner. Having a swimming pool is like having a pet, they need work but it gives you an abundance of joy in return.

Cleaning the swimming pool is not an easy job but when the water is just right for you and your family you will get a lot of use out of your pool and have a great summer with the family.