The weather is slowly but surely warming up again, and with this gradual warming a lot more people are jumping back in their pools for the first time in months. But were you aware of all the amazing effects swimming has on your health and wellbeing? From swimming burning more calories than running, to the spectacular effect it has on alleviating arthritis pain, Here are 5 ways swimming Improves wellness:

  1. Weight Loss

As you guessed, Swimming is really effective at shedding those unwanted kilos. Or, if you’re not wanting to lose weight, swimming also has been shown to help people maintain a healthy weight. On top of that swimming works out your whole body equally, essentially. A person weighing 70 kilos burns an average of 420 calories for every hour that they swim, Although depending on your weight and how you’re swimming, how many calories you burn can vary. A general guide is for every 10 minutes of standard backstroke, you burn an average of 80 calories.


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  1. Great for Heart Health

Swimming falls under the category of aerobic exercise, which is an exercise that provides cardiovascular conditioning. When you swim, it strengthens your cardiovascular system which leads to better blood flow, increases good cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

On top of that, multiple studies have shown that if a person swims for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week it dramatically reduces their chances of heart disease!

  1. Swimming keeps you happy and stress free

Multiple studies have been done in this area, yet we still don’t fully understand what is causing this effect. Scientists in Taiwan did a study on the effects that swimming had on people’s state of mind. They surveyed people before and after swimming and they showed a significant decrease in symptoms of mild depression, anxiety and stress. 

What we do know is that swimming releases a chemical in our brains called endorphins, and that is the brains “feel good” hormone, but exactly why this happens is still up for debate.

  1. Lessens Arthritis Pain

An interesting fact about swimming is that 90% of your body weight is supported while you’re in a pool. This is due to buoyancy. And because of this, many people with arthritis use swimming as a way to temporarily alleviate their pain. For even better results, swim in a heated pool!

  1. Improves sleep quality with insomnia patients 

It’s no secret that most people should be getting more sleep. A study done in America showed that ⅓ of people are not getting enough sleep, and cases of insomnia increase as people age. People suffering Insomnia (with an average age of 60) were shown to have increased quality of sleep when exercised regularly in a pool.  

And there you have it, 5 ways swimming improves wellness. If you’re interested in upgrading your lifestyle with a Pool, Please contact us here to speak with the Best Pool Builders Brisbane here at La Vida Pools!.