Childhood is an important time for development, learning, and establishing the foundations for future wellbeing. It is during these formative years that children establish their social skills and develop healthy habits. Proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise are crucial to the well-being of a child. Apart from good health habits, there are many other factors that can impact a child’s well-being such as parental involvement, neighborhood safety, and education.

Give your children more time in the pool. They will appreciate it and be healthier because the water is a great place for them to exercise. There are many advantages of teaching your children how to swim, but you don’t know where to start. La Vida Pool has 7 different games that will make swimming more fun for them, wherever they are at.



1. Water Balloon Toss: Fill some balloons with water and add a little bit of food coloring to make them easier to see. Line up teams and have them take turns tossing the balloon to the other team.

2. Boat Races: Create a racecourse in a pool or shallow part of a lake or river and fill it with growing cups (at least two) for boats. Put one grown-up on each boat, and let them start racing!

3. Volleyball: Fill an inflatable raft with water and divide it into two teams on either side of the raft that’s in the middle of the pool. Each team has one player on either side of the raft who chucks the ball back and forth to their team

4. Tipsy Waiter : Carry a tray with water filled cups without tipping over or messing

5. Water balloon bash : Kids who are active will enjoy this game more than anyone. What you need are water balloons and a bat or stick

6. Frozen T shirt : Great fun way to cool down

7. Excavate treasures from ice : Digging for treasures has been a popular game. Now you can create this game at home with your own toys. Freeze toy in a bowl in the freezer overnight and take it out and excavate with digging tools that are kid-friendly.


Water play should be everyone’s favourite game. This summer, create unforgettable memories with your kids in your pool or water based games.