After over 15 years of individual success in the building industry, Mario and Angie decided to combine their expertise and passion to establish La Vida Pools. This dynamic duo brings a unique blend of skills to the table – Mario’s trade and building background paired with Angie’s prowess in sales, marketing, and project management. Their collaboration has transformed La Vida into an award-winning company that stands out in the competitive pool and spa industry.

As proud members of the Masters Building Association and SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association), La Vida Pools boasts decades of collective experience. What sets them apart is not only their state-of-the-art designs and technology but also their unwavering commitment to old-school family values of honesty and reliability.

La Vida Pools is driven by a desire to exceed client expectations, evident in their 5-star service that has earned them the title of Brisbane’s best. The journey begins with a detailed initial consultation, where the team ensures a thorough understanding of client needs. From there, clients are kept informed throughout the process, culminating in the creation of a magnificent pool built to the highest specifications.

Mario, often referred to as the “pool building gun,” is dedicated entirely to the construction process. His problem-solving skills and hands-on approach have enabled La Vida to successfully build pools that other companies deemed impossible. Meanwhile, Angie, with her professionalism and approachability, manages the organisational aspects, ensuring each project stays on track through her excellent relationships with trades and suppliers.

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La Vida Pools recently gained recognition at the National Awards Gala, an unexpected but well-deserved acknowledgment of their hard work throughout the year. Mario, Angie, and the entire team extend a massive thank you to their trades, suppliers, and builders. They express gratitude to their clients, acknowledging the role they play in bringing dreams to life. For La Vida, it’s not just about constructing pools; it’s about creating experiences and making dreams a reality every single day.

In closing, La Vida Pools extends congratulations to all the finalists and winners honored at the National Awards Gala, expressing gratitude to SPASA Australia. As they continue to redefine excellence in the pool and spa industry, La Vida looks forward to another year of turning dreams into breathtaking aquatic realities.

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