All in all, Australian summers are great, but we do have a few hot months where we can be struck by heat exhaustion. So, the best thing to do is get ready for summer with our 3 tips: make your pool area safe, add sun protection and make sure you check your chemical levels and keep your pool clean.


Summer is almost here! But, before we can get in the pool and cool off, there are a few things we need to do to make sure everyone is safe.


Plan your pool area so everyone is safe and enjoy your summer!




Here are 3 easy steps to enjoy the great outdoors.


1. Your pool area should be checked for hazards that may cause injuries or accidents, including out of place furniture, broken fences, and objects that could be used to climb over the fence or pick locks.

2. People who get sunburnt easily will greatly benefit from products such as outdoor furniture with built-in sun protection or canopy that blocks harmful UV rays

3. We may think water will flush itself out and clear up on its own, but if we don’t check chemical levels and add chemicals to balance it out when needed, then our pool will become moldy and gross pretty quickly. Don’t forget to remove debris from your water too!

So, once you’ve done these three things and your pool area is ready for summer fun, then it’s time to jump in! If you have questions, feel free to call the best pool builders in Brisbane on 0455 088 811.