Here at La Vida Pools, we do things differently. We have been in the industry long enough to know exactly what our competitors do wrong! We give customers a pool that is worth the investment. With decades of experience and unparalleled quality, our customers can expect the absolute best that will beat any professionals working in Australia in quality and price. In this article, we will detail all that we do to live up to and exceed our clients’ expectations.





La Vida Pools and Spas

There is a reason that we are the one of the most trusted locally owned family businesses in Brisbane. We have been in the Pool Building business for decades now, and you can’t be in this industry as long as we have and not have a highly specialised and capable team at hand. We want to make it as clear as we can that you’re not getting salesmen or site supervisors, our team consists of very accomplished and qualified builders, project managers and Pool Builders, who will be there every step of the way – from first contact, to Pool Building, to final handover. We are not trying to get as much money out of you as we can, we are not trying to upsell you at every opportunity. Many of our competitors will try to sell you on extra features or design options that are unnecessary, and may lead to construction issues later in the build. We took their mistakes and made it our mission to be the Best Brisbane and Ipswich Pool Builders, a seamless build that is built to the highest quality is what we strive for. We don’t just service the Brisbane area, either. We service many of the surrounding areas as well, click here to see the full list!

We take pride in our work

We pride ourselves on the work that we deliver to our customers. Because of this, we pay meticulous attention to even the tiniest of details, everything from sourcing only the highest quality materials, to implementing industry leading techniques to ensure your pool is built to last. We use top quality Australian made equipment and don’t cut corners just to make the quotes competitive! You can trust your are getting HIGH END quality without the massive price tag and sneaky extra’s bills! This is an area of the industry that we saw could be massively improved. Too many Pool Builders can’t seem to find the balance between an affordable bill and a quality build. It happens time and time again in this industry, and it’s not how La Vida Pools wishes to be seen. All of us at La Vida Pools have a keen eye for detail and we believe that the pool should be an extension of your home, with a seamless transition from house to pool, while incorporating your own personal taste. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are happy every step of the way!

We are not Salesmen!

As previously stated, We’re not looking to break your bank!  We are Pool Builders and Project Managers, not salesmen. What this means is that we will discuss with you what your needs, requirements and budget are and we will tailor our design to fit your specific needs so you get the most out of your money. Rest assured we will not be pushing features and design options on you that you don’t need. We only use High quality Australian made equipment for peace of mind for both you and us long term, you won’t see a La Vida Pool with a cheap Cartridge Filter from the 1980’s!. We have available all the latest trends including Magnesium and Fresh Water and many more options. 

We now have financing options through HandyPay , click here to learn more! 

We Are Known for Quality Concrete Pools

Here at Lavida Pools we specialise in Quality Custom Concrete Pools. We are aware of the growing popularity of fiberglass pools. But, in our opinion, we see this as a skimp in quality in favour of a cheaper build. We went into this topic more at length in our previous blog post, but we’ll quickly summarise why we see concrete pools as the superior option. 

Firstly, you are greatly limited in the design of your pool because fiberglass pools are built from moulds. So, not only are you limited by the options of moulds they have, the moulds also have to fit on a truck to get to you! So you also have limited sizing. This is not an issue with concrete pools, the only limit when it comes to custom designs is your imagination.

Secondly, Concrete pools are way more durable. We’re not saying that Fiberglass Pools are not structurally sound, but there are more variables at play when it comes to the durability of Fiberglass Pools. For example, soil movements from underneath the pool can and in many cases do cause serious structural damage to your pool. 

Great Customer Service is what we strive for

We like to think of our customer service approach as old school: Honest and Reliable. From day one we will guide you through every step of the process to make sure we are all on the same page. We will work hard to make sure that your individuality reflects in the design of your Backyard Experience. No matter the project, even if it is a new house or a renovation, we will work with other trades to ensure that the build is a seamless and positive experience for everyone involved. We guarantee that you will be more than happy with the final product for years to come!

If you’re interested in reimagining your lifestyle with a Pool built by us, Please contact us on 0455 088 811