We get lots of questions from our customers with regards to pool water for their little ones who have sensitive skin.
Having a pool is fun, but when it comes to chorine water, it can be quite scary when you or your family members have sensitive skin.
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Have you got sensitive skin? Or do you have a newborn baby?
We’ve got you covered!


Australia’s most awarded pool sanitiser and recognised by SPASA, the NKD-R system is your answer. 

You can get freshwater in your pool everyday which is in perfect balance and harmony. 

You can feel and swim in fresh natural water in your own backyard. 


Now, you can relax and enjoy the pool as it supposed to be. 


So what is the causes of asthma and eczema?

There are many different triggers to both of these, and chlorine is a likely cause of both


If you’re suffering from eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, asthma, or skin rashes, contact us to discuss a freshwater alternative that is making a huge impact in the industry.


naked freshwater pool systems

Come and join us and explore our fresh water options! Take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle by enjoying the fresh water pool system we have to offer your family.

Different to traditional pool and spa systems that rely on high levels of chlorine to sanitise the pool water, the Naked System utilises nature’s natural minerals such as copper and silver.


Algae cannot grow in a copper environment, while silver has purifying qualities, and these minerals remain in the pool to constantly sanitise your water.

With extremely low amounts of salt and the minerals present, the water in a Naked Pool has a soft and rejuvenating feel, best described as swimming in a fresh water stream.

And there is no need to shower or rinse your swimwear after use! 

Our Naked Freshwater system comes with 12 month quality guarantee so you can have peace of mind if anything goes wrong. 


If you want to know more about the amazing Naked Freshwater system, talk to our friendly staff on 0455 088 811 now. 

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