Babies and toddlers love water play. It’s a great way to grow strong and healthy, to work on gross motor skills, and to have fun!

Water play is one of the most important things you can do with your baby and toddler!

Babies and toddlers are born with immature muscle strength and need lots of opportunities to engage in active play which will allow them to strengthen their muscles gradually as they grow. Babies and toddlers also need to develop their gross motor skills which will be a critical part of their development in order for them to learn how to move about, how to sit up, crawl, walk and run later on. Toys for water play should be age appropriate for the baby or toddler. Your baby or toddler shouldn’t be playing with toys that are too advanced for their development. You can make your own toys for water play or you can purchase them from a toy store. Toys that float are always a good idea because they’re easier for your child to grab hold of while they’re playing. In fact, it’s not just babies and toddlers who love water play. Many parents find that their older children enjoy water play as well. It can be a great way to cool off on a hot day or after playing hard at the playground. All of these things are great for your baby

or toddler. But what’s more, it’s also a lot of fun for you! Before you start the water playtime together, though, make sure you’ve set up your space so that it’s safe for the both of you. And remember that babies should always be within the arms’ reach of an adult during any kind of play.



Great water and pool games for you and your toddler


There are a lot of fun games you can play with your toddler in the swimming pool that are more than just splashing around. Some of these games will create a deeper bond between you and your child, others will help your child learn to swim, and still others will just be lots of fun for both of you. This article explores three great games that toddlers love playing in pools. All you need is some time and a pool to have fun. Water Balloon Toss** The classic game of water balloon toss is a great way to have fun with your toddler in the swimming pool. To play, get a bunch of water balloons and tie their ends together so that they float like Chinese lanterns. Then put them in a cluster on one side of the pool, and see if you can throw them all into another cluster on the other side before they all deflate.

Turtle Tag

Turtle Tag is a game you can play with your toddler in the swimming pool. The rules are simple: you chase each other and try to catch each other. When you catch someone, they become a turtle, and the turtle has to swim back to where he started to rejoin the

game. children love Turtle Tag, but it’s not just for kids. Adults can play too, as can dogs and cats. This game is also great for parties. Try playing with as many people as possible at once; the more people the better! Whatever happens, never let go of your

friend or child when you are both turtles at the same time. The person who is holding on has a chance of winning the game; let go and the other will win.

Heave ho!

If you’ve got a baby pool in addition to a regular one, fill it up with water and let your toddler float around in it like a little boat (making sure she doesn’t hit her head).